Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vermont Again

Home once more, and for 10 more days. It's such a joy to be back for a while--I had been missing family, and seeing everyone has been wonderful. I spent my first full day at home alone. I'm pretty certain that hasn't happened since I left home six months ago, and it was a very welcome change. Yesterday I went to the grocery store to stock up on ten days worth of food. I managed to find just about everything I've been craving, mostly involving cheese or chocolate. I also went with family to see the Vermont Symphony Orchestra's summer concert (it's held outside on the polo fields and there are fireworks at the end to the 1812 Overture)--we've gone almost every year for the last decade. It was a very relaxing evening.

Today I'm nursing a bit of a head cold--the same thing happened after I first arrived in Bangladesh, so perhaps it's just the 24 hours of travel not agreeing with me. The travel, on the whole, was not bad. I was even upgraded to first class on my flight from Dhaka to Bahrain. I had certainly never been in first class before, but for one with legs as long as mine, the extra space was highly appreciated! And the food was pretty spectacular, too, surprisingly enough. The other two flights had me back in economy class, as usual, and my trusty iPod met its sudden and tragic end between Bahrain and London. It has been running steadily for four years, so I suppose it was about time. Still, I shall miss it!

The house seems very quiet and empty without Gib, but being here is helping me to adjust to the change. We have a nice big picture of him in the living room, too, so that's here to keep me company.

Cold medicine and residual jet lag are making me drowsy now--it may be time for a brief nap. Hopefully more updates as my time here unfolds!

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